Corporate responsibility

Paid parking for sustainable urban mobility

Q-Park stands for ‘Quality in parking’. Our fundamental choice for quality also forms the basis for the way we approach our corporate social responsibility. We first published our solution to the threats mobility poses to the quality of the living environment in urban areas in 2007. You will find more about this in 'Quintessence - The logic behind paid parking' on our website,

Urban areas are faced with the joint challenges of mobility, the economy and the environment. They have to contend with congestion, traffic cruising for a place to park, reduced budgets for facilities, reduced accessibility, air pollution, and unattractive and unsafe streets and squares full of parked cars.

Regulated and paid parking, preferably in clean and safe parking facilities, offers a sustainable answer to the urban challenges. We have expressed these points and how we integrate relevant social values in our CSR policy, which you can read more about in our Integrated report 2015.